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Nature's Beauty Closet


Nature’s Beauty Closet develops empowering relationships with women entrepreneurs in developing countries who can earn income from sale of their natural health and beauty products through our company. We are committed to carrying a line of natural organic personal care products made by women that are sourced responsibly and ethically.



Empower women in developing countries so they can achieve financial independence.



Develop synergetic relationship between women entrepreneurs in the developing world and consumers in the West through their mutual interest in natural fair trade health and beauty aids.



EMPOWERMENT:  Supporting women in the communities where we source our products to gain financial independence.


UNCOMPROMISING INTEGRITY: Fairness, equity, respect, and integrity are the cornerstone of all our relationships and define our engagement with suppliers, employees, customers, and partners.


NATURAL BEAUTY: Beauty is the agreement between the body, soul, and spirit in the quest to do better. Natural beauty is doing good, feeling good, and looking good.


CONSERVATION: Nature designs the best personal care products that rejuvenate and heal the human body. Harsh chemicals and additives are not necessary for effective health and beauty remedies.


Women's cooperative
Women's empowerment
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