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How it's made...



Authentic African Black Soap is been made by women in West Africa who have their own personal secret ingredients. The base of black soap is dried and roasted leaves of plants indigenous to western Africa such as plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. Liquid ingredients include water and oils including coconut, palm and shea butter. The mixture of ingredients differs from country to country and each woman has her own personal mixture and combination of ingredients.

Black soap made in Africa are generally more pure than those made in the US because the ingredients required to make authentic black soap are more readily available in Africa. Moreover, commercially made black soap might contain additional artificial ingredients.

Our black soap is made in Senegal by women who's soap making know-how has been passed on from generation to generation. 

Black soap has been used for healing problem skin from acne to eczema from simple rashes to contact dermatitis and psoriasis. It fades dark spots and lessens discoloration. African black soap is a natural microdermabrasion. It can lightly exfoliate skin and deliver healthier looking complexions.

Black soap is also know protect skin against free radical damage which causes early skin aging, wrinkles and lines. 

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